The heart of our homes

Autoclaved aerated concrete Ytong and breathable coatings
  • Enclosures and structure
  • Partition and drywall technical covering
  • Breathable coatings and paints

Enclosures and structure: Ytong

Ytong is a 100% mineral material with no chemical components. In Ecoquality House we bet for it for many reasons: it is totally recyclable and use inexhaustible raw material manufacturing is responsible. In addition, through its use we fulfill the key point of our identity; ensure the human health, as it does not give off odor or harmful dust. YTONG provides a climate comfort by its characteristics higrotérmicas, so we guarantee the greatest possible comfort. Its worth to build an ecological property because it made easier to obtain sustainable building certification, the ecological character is accredited through the environmental statement of the product, being a certified material with bio-constructive qualities.

Partition and drywall technical covering: Fermacell

The Fermacell panels are eco-friendly and are composed of gypsum and cellulose fibre, obtained from recycling paper. The absence of any chemical product enables your odour neutral, increasing the breathability of the homogeneous structure of panels. Fermacell meets all requirements of the building, having received seals of excellence that recognize their biological health. An evolution of drywall construction facilitates a high performance and benefits to cover the highest demands.

Breathable coatings and paints: Biocalce

Biocalce mortars and paints are certified as eco-compatible materials in accordance with EN 459-1, which follows the Greenbuilding philosophy of Ecoquality House. It only contains raw materials of strictly natural origin such as lime, silicates, pozzolans and colored earth, being recyclable after their useful life. Biocalce stands out for being a natural product, its high breathability and resistance to salts as well and able to actively dilute indoor pollutants.

How do we guarantee the greatest comfort?

  • Premium
    exterior carpentries
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
    with natural rock wool
  • Coverings
    with water tightness and guaranteed insulation
  • Efficient

Premium exterior carpentries

Exterior aluminium carpentries of great thickness, with anticorrosion marine treatment, always with a thermal bridging double or triple glazing. Ecoquality House work with the most innovative brands in this sector. Our brands are: Cortizo, K-Line and Schüco, and we incorporate in our glazing a solar control argon gas according to the needs of the project.

Thermal and acoustic insulation with natural rock wool

We provide additional insulation to the facades and the interior partition using natural high density rock wool. In addition, lines of plants also carry their own acoustic isolation to avoid inconvenient noise in the interior of the House.

Coverings with water tightness and guaranteed insulation

For our technical waterproofing we use materials that guarantee for fifty years the complete tightness of the covers. In addition, we incorporate extruded polystyrene insulation of high density, with a minimum thickness of 10 cm to continue with the best thermal insulation throughout surrounding the housing. These in turn can be passable gravel or landscaped, both latter being a very advantageous choice to improve the thermal insulation and to reduce CO2 emissions, also becoming a use for a space enjoyment.

Efficient facilities

At Ecoquality House we are committed to alternative energy sources such as Daikin air-thermics, geothermal energy and the use of solar panels. In this way, we obtain hot water, heating and air conditioning together, achieving a high environmental efficiency with the highest possible energy classification A ++, using a large amount of renewable energy and emitting little CO2 into the atmosphere.

High quality finishes

with the best brands in the market
  • Floor
    and wall tiles
  • Toilets
    and taps
  • Kitchens

Floor and wall tiles

Through the Porcelanosa, Peronda or Saloni firms, we solve the ceramic flooring and tiles, always placing an anti-impact soundproofing membrane . For a warmer finish, we offer the installation of floating parquet flooring with natural, bamboo or synthetic wood.

Toilets and taps

Through the firms brands Grohe, Porcelanosa or Rocka we install vitrified porcelain and chrome fittings of the highest quality agreeing with the client aesthetic details.


The kitchens are one of the most important spaces of the house, since they are the nerve center of the development of the daily visa. Aware of this, our kitchens adapt to the needs of each user, creating versatile spaces that combine the needs of storage and use with innovative and functional designs.

The treatment of the exterior spaces

An extension of the house
  • Garden
  • Pergola
  • Swimming pool

The garden is a space that needs to be treated with the same sensitivity as the home itself, since a good design of the same will minimize its maintenance and will integrate the home in the environment. Our landscape architects will be responsible for providing quality outdoor space of the houses, combining it with pools, platforms and natural stones.

Versatility, design and adds value to a House. The pergola can create a magical atmosphere in a house, also protects the garden any time of the year from the inclement weather.

The swimming pool in a house provides added value, as well as a plus of comfort and spectacular. Our pools contribute to the quality of life and the well-being of its inhabitants, promoting also their optimal maintenance.