Homes that provide health

Following the Passivhouse philosophy, from Ecoquality House we are committed to building healthy single-family homes with exceptional quality and design, respecting the environment and the health of the people who inhabit them.

The most important purchase of your life. The one that will witness countless moments. In which you will live with your loved ones. The one that will be the best of your shelters. In which you organize your most memorable celebrations. It is not unreasonable to think that you want the best housing, with an exclusive design, materials of the best quality and also, you want to dispose of it as soon as possible and without worrying about any unforeseen or legal procedure.

At Ecoquality House we offer you all this, adding a fundamental value: we want your home to be healthy. Many diseases are due to the poor state of the construction and the air pollution in the enclosed spaces. At Ecoquality House we strive to create healthy homes, paying attention to the breathability of the walls, the isolation of the house and the quality of the interior air, among many other aspects. And how do we get it? We work with high quality materials and with brands that follow a responsible process guaranteed in the manufacture of them. We use elements such as cellular concrete, lime or silicate paints, which serve to protect and breathe the house causing the least possible impact on the environment, following our Green Building philosophy.

Our Passivhouses has a very low energy consumption which in turn achieves maximum thermal comfort. The energy efficiency of our houses is far superior to the traditional constructions, since we offer a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year without the use of conventional heating. Through factors such as excellent indoor air quality, appropriate levels of insulation or optimum level of tightness, our Passive Houses reduce the heating and cooling needs of the house.

At Ecoquality House we take care of the whole process. Our highly qualified architects, engineers, designers and operators will take care of the project, the legal procedures, the construction and the final delivery of the house without unforeseen or overcost and within the agreed term.
We want to build the house of your dreams so that you can enjoy a quality of life in your new healthy home, from Ecoquality House.

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Why Ecoquality House?

  • Because we create healthy homes with exceptional quality and design.
  • Because we are able to build through the standards of the Passivhouse + Green Building: Guarantee of comfort, sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • Because we only work with high quality materials and brands that follow a responsible process guaranteed in the manufacture of them.
  • Because we take care of everything. No extra costs, no surprises and within the agreed period.
  • Because we have an industrialized construction process through the use of BIM -Building Information Modeling- and Lean Construction.